Apple’s iPod, which is manufactured inside out beautifully, has revolutionized the music experience of all music lovers. Apple Inc launched iPod on 10th Nov 2001 and since then this trendy portable media player is in demand.

Made out from small piece of Aluminum, this can contain uncountable songs, videos and other media files depending on its storage capacity. The storage capacity of iPod ranges from 2 GB (Gigabytes) to 160 (Gigabytes). Several audio and video can be played in these efficient Apple iPods. Some popular iPod models are iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle.

From the First generation iPods to the current generation iPods, there have been many changes. During the Third generation iPod, iTunes 4.1 was released as the first version of iTunes available for Microsoft Windows. The newer iPods are 6th generation iPods which claim better battery performance and are sleeker than all the prior generation iPods models.

Managing the contents of iPod with iTunes

Although many third party utilities are available to manage the contents of iPod, usually iTunes is used. This is a software for downloading, playing or organizing the contents of iPod players. Originally introduced for Mac in January 2001, now the latest version of iTunes available free of cost for both Windows and Mac. Apart from organizing music, iTunes can automatically download new music, rent or buy a new movie or purchase a book online.

All iPods (with iPod touch as an exception) can act as data file storage device. iPod is compatible on Windows as it used FAT32 format. When an iPod is connected to Mac OS the file system is switched to HFS+, which allows exchange of files easily.

The hardware components of iPod are microcontroller, audio chip, storage medium, batteries and display. The connectivity of iPod is through USB cables or FireWire

iPod issues

These fascinating iPod players are robust and easy to use but at times you may face problems while using these. Some iPod issues are as follows;

  • iPod may not appear when connected to computer
  • Third party conflicts
  • iPod not appearing in iTunes
  • Unable to sync
  • Frozen or unresponsive iPod

Troubleshooting iPod

When you face these problems, you can troubleshoot your iPod with the following techniques;

  • Recharge your iPod
  • Check USB connections
  • Reinstall iTunes
  • Restart computer
  • Reset iPod

NOTE: When you Reset the iPod all the settings would be restored to the factory setting which may result in loss of favorite files.

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