iPod Nano

iPod Nano is a multi-touch, portable and wearable music player. iPod Nano was introduced on September 7, 2005 by Apple Inc. The current "Sixth Generation" iPod Nano has travelled a long way to come up with best features.


iPod Nano has some interesting features which makes it more than just a music player. iPod Nano makes your favorite tracks accessible at your finger tips. To put to together a picture of iPod Nano, it is a portable media device with which you can do lot more than just listening songs. You can play music on Apple iPod Nano at the same time view pictures as slideshow. If you have purchased audio books from iTunes music store you can even listen it when you like.

iPod Nano uses flash memory to store media files. It can be used as external disk to back up media files or other data. With the help of connector you can synchronize it easily to your computer / laptop to transfer files.


First Generation
Steve Jobs introduced iPod Nano on September 7th 2005 at a media event. With a battery life of 14 hrs and 176×132 pixels screen the 1st generation iPod weighted 42 grams.

Second Generation
With features like scratch resistance, anodized aluminum casing, the brighter and more vibrant iPod Nano line was updated on September 12, 2006. Apple claims the 2nd generation iPods to be 32% lighter and 52% lesser volume consuming. The second generation iPod Nano was launched in various colors and battery life differed from 14 – 24 hours.

Third Generation
The third generation iPod Nano was launched on September 5, 2007. The Nano was announced 4 GB in silver and 8GB in other colors. On audio playback the battery lasted around 24 hours and approximately 5 hours on video playback. The other features were new user-interface, video playback, cover flow for browsing and games.

Fourth Generation
Officially 4th generation iPod Nano was launched on September 9, 2008, at Apple’s Let’s Rock event. It was considered as the most environmentally friendly. This time the iPod was designed narrow like in the 1st and 2nd generation iPod Nano. The battery for video playback lasted lesser than the 3rd generation.

Fifth Generation
On September 9, 2009, iPod Nano was released with integrated video camera with special effects. The standard photo viewing and video playback was included in this iPod. The 5th generation iPod, which was available in nine colors, was shinier and glossier than the previous versions

Sixth Generation
6th generation multi-touch iPod Nano was released on September 1, 2010.The device now has 1.54 inch multi-touch square touch screen and has “shake to shuffle” feature. With the sleep/wake button users can turn off iPod.

Useful Info:

Recover deleted iPod files
Apple iPods can play enormous amount of files and play them in the crystal clear sound quality. All these important music and photo files might be deleted if you Reset your iPod Nano or other iPods. If you have mistakenly deleted iPod flies and need to get the files back, don’t worry. Use Remo iPod Recovery and restore your favorite collection from iPod.

Recover Music and Photos for iPod
It is important to eject iPod safely before you remove it from your computer / laptop. If you pull the connector abruptly when “Do not disconnect” message appears, the stored music and photo files could be lost. If you wish to retrieve missing or lost recover iPod files, read the article and follow the simple procedure.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure