Jaz Drive

Jaz drive is the successor of Zip drive. Jaz drive is a SCSI device, which is an external drive. Iomega introduced Jaz drives in 1995. Jaz drives have rigid platters. Jaz drives can backup data up to 2GB. It is similar to Removable Rigid Disk (RRD) drive. Jaz drive has self-terminating interface (SCSI-2). It houses the conventional hard disks. Jaz drives connect internally to the computer through SCSI or IDE and externally through parallel ports. An availability of an adapter called as Jaz Traveler helps in connecting the Jaz drive to the parallel port.

Jaz drives are portable and help in backing up files for the user. Jaz drive is recognized as a hard disk and hence any application can be run through the same. Storage capacity available are 1GB and 2GB. 1GB Jaz drive does not support 2GB Jaz disk but 2GB Jaz drive supports both 1GB and 2GB cartridge. Jaz drive requires SCSI controller because it uses SCSI interface. Jaz drives have automatic playback and backing up options. It has speed almost like any other hard drive (but not equal to or greater than). External Jaz drive requires 100-240V and 50-60Hz frequency. In the year 2002, Jaz drive was discontinued. REV drive is the successor of Jaz drive.

Jaz drive Models

Some of the models of Jaz drives are as follows:

  • Iomega JAZ 2GB Ultra SCSI External Drive (PC/Mac) 31191
  • Iomega 2GB SCSI External JAZ Drive Disk Storage System V2000s 30271700
  • Iomega JAZ 2GB Internal Disk Drive VS2000si Jazz 50 Pin
  • Iomega JAZ Drive – V1000s etc


  • Removable media
  • Good performance
  • Helps in upgrading hard disks
  • Meets SCSI-2 specifications
  • System can be run from Jaz disk
  • Good transfer rate of 5.5Mbps
  • Good seek time of 12ms
  • Backward compatible
  • Lets conversion to and from the wave file format
  • Storage capacity is larger than Zip drive
  • Anti-gyro mechanism (Iomega) to prevent vibrations


Jaz drive have certain limitations, due to which it has been discontinued, some are mentioned as follows:

  • Expensive in terms of buying and installation
  • Very unreliable (dependability is less)
  • Storage capacity is less
  • Less secure
  • Disk requirement is more for backing up large data
  • Backing up process is time consuming
  • Even the disks are expensive
  • Jaz disks are very costly compared to DAT tapes
  • Supports for short term storage
  • Prone to ‘click of death’
  • Prone to overheating (initial Jaz drives)
  • Read-write damage results in corruption of data
  • Dust particles enters trough the side case of the drive, which corrupts the surface of the disk

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SCSI Data Recovery
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