Mac iWork

Apple iWork is productivity software that is an integrated Office suite for computers and mobile devices running Mac OS X and iOS operating systems. It is superseded by Apple Works integrated package. iWork is designed to be easy-to-use and acts as a basic office package that can handle the requirements of all its users.

Components of iWork

iWork Suite mainly consists of three programs they are:

  • Pages for word processing
  • Numbers for spreadsheets
  • Keynote for presentations.

The native formats of these applications uses proprietary .pages, .numbers and .key file extensions respectively. In addition, iWork can also import and export other popular formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Rich Text Format (RTF), Portable Document Format (PDF) and plain text etc. The iWork suite runs on all computers that is installed with Mac OS X and does not support any open document formats.

Web services

iWork offers access to, which was introduced in iWork '09 (released in 6th, January 2009), that allows users to upload and share documents online with others and can download them online. It even integrates with existing applications from the Apple's iLife suite using the Media Browser, using which users can drag and drop movies from iMovie, music from iTunes, and photos from iPhoto and Open directly into iWork documents.

iWork for iCloud

With iWork for iCloud, all three apps that includes Apple's iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) for both iOS and OS X will be made available on a web interface that are named as Pages for iCloud, Numbers for iCloud, and Keynote for iCloud respectively. They can be easily accessed via the iCloud website under each users iCloud Apple ID login.

Features of iWork

  • The iWork suite offers supports for both the local file storage and can even integrates with iCloud, this enables the users to synchronize their documents across multiple devices
  • Includes change tracking and round tripping of changes (Pages) options
  • Allows the user to easily import and export spreadsheets with filters, and turn filters on and off in cases of Numbers app
  • Supports various PowerPoint and Keynote slide sizes, master slides, presentation themes, and preset styles for Keyword application

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