Mac OS X Yosemite

Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) is the eleventh major release of OS X line of computers from Apple Corporation with elegant design that feels completely new yet inherently familiar and works on both Mac desktop and server computers. There are certain changes in design when compare with old Mac OS X that include new icons, light and dark color schemes and substitution of “Lucida Grande” with “Helvetica Neue” as default system font.

This operating system builds completely new relationship between your Mac and iOS devices because of its enhanced new features such as upgraded notification center, super spotlight, streamlined Safari, mega mail, iCloud drive, Hotspots, etc. It's visual design is amazing with handy options; let’s have a fast look of visual design in Mac OS X Yosemite:

Clean Login Screen:

The login screen of Mac OS X Yosemite is much sleeker as well as cleaner and greets the first login user with subtle fading animation.

Updated App Icons:

Mac OS X Yosemite new application icons are clean and sharp. Unlike the iOS 7 icons which were mismatched and witnessed last year, so Apple Inc. has provided freshness to default application icons without making them extremely bright.

Sharper and Cleaner Menu Bar:

Almost all the icons of menu bar are updated to be hairline thinner, cleaner and sharper. For example: To match with the style of iOS 7 the battery icon is updated.

Flatter and Brighter UI Elements:

UI elements such as drop downs, radio buttons, tabs, buttons, etc. have been updated to match the as usual flatter and brighter design style. The UI element drop down is designed with colored arrows.

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