Mac Trash

A Trash is a folder in Macintosh machines for the temporary storage of files & folders deleted by the user. When a file is deleted from the Mac hard disk drive, it does not get erased permanently from the drive. Instead, the deleted files get stored in the Mac Trash for a certain period of time, thus facilitating the users to browse deleted files, to restore back hat were deleted by mistake & to permanently delete those files by emptying the Trash.

The users can move the files to the Mac Trash in more than one way.

  • Drag & drop a file on the Trash icon
  • Use the keyboard shortcut command-backspace after selecting a file
  • Choose a file & select “Move to Trash” option from the menu bar

Within the Trash folder, a record of original location of deleted files & directories is kept, however, to access these files, the user need to move them out of the Mac Trash. If you want to restore back the deleted files, you need to select those files from the Trash and drag & drop them from out of the Trash to required place.

How is it different from Windows Recycle Bin?

  • Mac Trash is dynamic in nature i.e. unlike Recycle bin; it may expand its size with each deleted file & directory
  • You can increase, decrease & even restrict the size of Recycle bin, but the same thing cannot be done on Mac Trash

How to empty the Trash on Mac?

  • Control-click or click and hold on the Trash icon in the Dock and choose "Empty Trash" from the menu
  • From anywhere in the Finder, choose "Finder > Empty Trash" from the menu bar
  • From anywhere in the Finder, use the keyboard shortcut command-shift-backspace

One use to empty the Trash with care, as the files once deleted from the Trash cannot be recovered back, unless a recovery utility is used. It is not advisable to empty the Trash only after system is slowing down when the Trash occupies approximately the entire hard disk space.

Securely Emptying Trash

If a user is considering selling his Mac and do not want others to access even the deleted files, user can make use of the option of securely emptying the Mac Trash by choosing “Finder > Secure Empty Trash” from the menu bar. This option over-writes the files & directories, making them absolutely irrecoverable.

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