A macro is an automated input sequence of commands that records all the repetitive tasks including the keystrokes or mouse actions and then plays them at later time. The macro commands will be recorded and assigned to a keystroke combination and then when executed, it replaces those repetitive series of commands to automate the task.

In a way, macros are like simple programs or batch files. It is a rule of pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence be mapped to an output sequence according to defined process. Macros are commonly found in spreadsheet and word processing applications like MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Word.

Macro Creation:

In order to create the macro, first decide what task has to be automated. Assign a name to the macro and start performing the task. Simultaneously the program start recording the each keystroke needed to complete this task. Once the recording is done the macro is saved for later use. In addition, a shortcut key to execute the macro can also be assigned for faster access.

A stored macro can then be accessed from the menu list or from the toolbar and can be run by simply clicking. To play the macro you can use the menu in the program or the keyboard shortcut assigned during macro creation. Because of its ability to execute commands, one has to ensure that a macro comes from a trusted source before using it.

For example, if you want editing a file and insert five spaces for every third line. Then, you can create a macro one that consists of the following keystrokes:

  • Move Cursor to Beginning of Line
  • Move Cursor Down 1 Line
  • Move Cursor Down 1 Line
  • Move Cursor Down 1 Line
  • Insert 5 Spaces

Note: User need not write the code, simply perform the tasks and record it. The application will write the code for you.

Now you can enter the name of the macro, and the word processor will perform all these commands at once when executed.

Uses of Macro:

Macros can be used to enter words or phrases that are frequently used. For example, user can define a macro to contain all necessary keystrokes to begin a letter - name, address, and a code that inserts the current date. Then, whenever user need these items to be repeated to just write a letter, and press the macro key to include the letter header.

Many of the programs especially the Microsoft Office applications allow you to create macros so that a single character or word performs the entire task. By running a macro, users can reduce the time consumed for performing all the tasks repeatedly.

Under some circumstances either while creating or executing the Macros there are chances of courrupting your entire MS Ofifce files. In such cases you can easily fix broken file on your PC by clikcing the link provided.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure