Master Boot Record (MBR)

MBR or master boot record is a small program, which is loaded in RAM when computer boots up. By tradition, MBR is stored at the first sector of the storage device like hard disk.

Master Boot Record also known as Boot record stores the key information about the hard disk, like how many partitions are there, the types of partition, etc. The large capacity storage drives that can be partitioned commonly have MBR and MBR is absent in small capacity drives like thumbdrives, floppy drives, etc.

Master Boot Record contains:

  • Partition Table: Partition table or partition sector describes the partitions of the storage device.
  • Bootstrap Code: Boot strap is a code that identifies the bootable partition and executes to begin the boot process. The primary boot loaders are BIOS, EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface), OpenBIOS, OpenBoot, etc. Secondary loaders load the operating system properly and transfer execution to it, these are GNU GRUB, BOOTMGR, Syslinux, or NTLDR.
  • Disk Signature: Disk signature is unique key of 32-bit introduced with Windows NT although now it is accepted by many other operating systems. Disk signature or disk identity has index to all connected partitions or disks that were connected to the computer. This information is stored in the Registry at the location

MBR Corruption

MBR has very important information and performs functions which are important for booting. Corruption of MBR can lead to booting issues and data loss issues. Some common errors seen when master boot code is not executed properly are as follows Missing operating system, Invalid partition table, or Error loading operating system.

Fixmbr is a Recovery Console command that is used to detect and repair hard disk errors.

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