Microsoft PowerPoint

Written by John Harris, Updated on October 10, 2023

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful multipurpose presentation software that is used by billions of people. It allows users to communicate ideas effectively by using visual aids that allow users to combine text and graphics to create onscreen presentations. Usually available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft PowerPoint is packed with features and is available to both Windows and Mac users alike.

PowerPoint files are made up of slides having text, graphs, excel spreadsheets, animations, and photos. This application comes with in-built templates, Animation, transition options, and much more leading to an output of highly personalized presentations the users are able to design to suit their needs. Powerpoint files are saved as .ppt or .pptx extensions.

Note: When you save the PowerPoint file with a .ppt extension, the file will always open in edit mode. But, if it is saved in the .pps extension, then the file will open automatically in slide show/presentation mode.

PowerPoint Features

PowerPoint is filled with several features to help users create the perfect slide show. All the essential ones are explained below-

  1. Slide Templates
  2. Users can create their own, or choose from a massive pool of pre-made template layouts to give their presentation the required aesthetic.

  3. Animations
  4. PowerPoint has three major categories for animations, entrance, emphasis, and exit. They can be applied to any item present on the slide such as text or images.

  5. Charts
  6. Users can add graphs, pie charts, and other forms of graphics to present their data. They can even add an Excel sheet on slides.

  7. Images
  8. Powerpoint allows users to add custom images onto slides. Images can be further customized further by adding a frame, animation, and more.

  9. Presenter Coach
  10. The presenter coach is an AI-driven feature that uses artificial intelligence to provide feedback on your presentation.

  11. Slide transitions
  12. you can add slide transition effects and customize them by setting different speeds, sounds, and more.

  13. PowerPoint Designer
  14. Powerpoint Designer is another AI-driven tool that helps users customize their presentations.

    AI in PowerPoint

    Recently, Microsoft integrated PowerPoint with AI providing several benefits to the software. While the benefits that AI provides here only seem to grow, listed below are a few AI features available on PowerPoint today-

    1. Recommends Templates
    2. Based on the title, the designer’s AI will display the most suitable layouts for your presentation.

    3. Recommends Text Alternatives
    4. If you are presenting a lot of data or trying to explain a concept, Power Points Designer Perspective will suggest alternative texts that will be easier to digest.

    5. Provides Presentation Feedback
    6. You can now rehearse your presentation with a PowerPoint presenter coach. The AI feature will listen to your presentation and offer feedback. It may suggest alternative words, to adjust your speaking speed and more.

    7. Provides Live Captions
    8. PowerPoint's live caption feature will not only display live captions as you present but may also display the caption in a different language if you are addressing a foreign audience.

    PowerPoint for Mobile

    PowerPoint is now available as an app on both the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. The app gives users a new sense of freedom as it now offers all the benefits of PowerPoint on your phone. Listed below are a few advantages of the PowerPoint application.

    • Create Presentations
    • Just like its desktop counterpart, the app allows users ti create, present, and share a presentation on their phone

    • Easy Access
    • Having PowerPoint on a phone allows users to easily access and make edits to their presentations while on the move and can also come in handy in a last-minute revision.

    • Cloud Storage Benefits
    • With Microsoft 365 integration, you can access your PowerPoint files from any device. You can now make edits on your laptop and view the results on your phone and vice versa.

    Supported File Extensions: .ppt, .pptx, .pps, or .ppsx

    To Conclude

    Microsoft PowerPoint has come a long way since its launch in 1988. As a presentation development software, it holds over 95% of the market today. We hope that This article helped us learn about the capabilities of the application and the potential it shows for the future.

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