Mobile Security


Mobile Security is also known as Wireless Security. It is used for protecting cell phones, Smartphone’s, laptops, tablets, other portable storage devices and network for which they connect to from malware/vulnerabilities.

In recent days, protecting mobile phones have turned to be more important because they are used extensively all over. This issue is more raised within the organization as it is faced more often tin IT consumerization as most of their devices are interfacing with corporate systems.’s 2012 enterprise mobile security study surveyed 487 IT security experts and IT managers. The study found the below discussed five mobile security concerns:

  • One of the top concern was losing the devices
  • For instance, if a private sector employee leaves his Smartphone, table in any restaurant or taxi, there are chances of misusing his personal information like corporate property details, bank details etc.

  • The second-positioning concern was Application Security
  • One issue is Smartphone applications that demand an excessive number of benefits, which permits them to get to different information sources on the gadget.

  • The third-positioning mobile security issue was device data leakage
  • Almost the greater part of the central concerns recognized in the mobile security overview, from information misfortune and robbery to infected applications and phone malware, are sources for data leakage

  • The fourth concern for mobile security was virus attack
  • Another report from Finland-based antivirus merchant F-Secure Corp. found most of mobile malware to be SMS Trojans, intended to charge gadget proprietors premium instant messages.

  • The fifth positioning mobile security issue was device theft
  • Mobile phone theft is a typical issue for proprietors of profoundly pined for cell phones, for example, the iPhone or top end Android gadgets

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure