Motherboard also known as Mobo, is circuit board of a modern computer that holds all the important CPU, BIOS, memory, mass storage interfaces, serial and parallel ports, expansion slots, and all the controllers required to control standard peripheral devices, such as the display screen, keyboard, and disk drive.


Intel, ASUS,   ABIT, BIOSTAR, EPOX, Gigabyte, PCChips, Tekram, DFI, Epox, Acer Inc., Advansus (industrial motherboards),  AOpen, Arima Computer Corporation (Flextronics), ASRock, etc. are some of the most popular brands.

Modern motherboards include, at a minimum:

CPU performs all the important operations of a computer like fetching, decoding and executing the instructions and is hosted on the motherboard. The location of the CUP socket may vary depending on the model of the motherboard. Pin Grid Array and Land Grid Array are the two most used socket types used by Intel and AMD.

BIOS (Basic Input / output system) Sockets:
BIOS is installed in a ROM chip also known as BIOS ROM. BIOS is helps the processor in communicating and checks the presence of these devices. Unlike the older BIOS, the new flash BIOS can be electronically upgraded.

RAM Slots:
RAM or Random Access Memory in RAM chips is placed into the RAM Slot on the motherboard. These are basically of two types, Double Inline Memory Module and Single Inline Memory Module.

There are connectors which help to connect to various devices. Some important connectors are Power Connector, Sound Connector, Expansion Slot, USB Connector and SATA Connector.  

Other important components on mobo are controllers to peripheral devices, serial and parallel ports, expansion slots, memory slots, etc.

Motherboard in Laptops:

Motherboards integrated in laptops are highly miniaturized and customized. Therefore it is difficult and expensive to upgrade and repair laptops than computers. Usually it calls for the replacement of the entire motherboard, if any of the integrated components fail.

Other important components on mobo are controllers to peripheral devices, serial and parallel ports, expansion slots, memory slots, etc.

Related Terms:

Form Factors:
Form Factor is the determining factor of the type and components of the motherboard. The power supplied to the motherboard, ports on the back panel, type of case, etc. If you are planning to build your own computer system, then form factor is the most important point of consideration while purchasing the case and components

Chipset is a critical part of motherboard. Set of circuits on motherboard which are integrated to work with the CPU are called chipset. Northbridge and Southbridge are important parts of chipset that help in communication of CPU and other units.

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