MOV File

MOV is a multimedia file container format used for storing movies and other video files that are compressed using a proprietary compression algorithm designed by Apple. B It is a file extension used by the QuickTime media software distributed by Apple. Many of the videos and movies found on internet use this .mov format. This format can be used in Mac, Windows and many other computing platforms.

MOV specifies a multimedia container file which contains one or more tracks where each track stores a particular type of data that includes text (like subtitles), audio, video or effects. Each track contains a digitally-encoded media stream or the data reference of the media file that is located in another file. All these tracks will be maintained in a hierarchical data structure that consists of objects. Both the MOV and MP4 container formats can use the same MPEG-4 formats; they are mostly interchangeable only in a QuickTime environment.

MOV files incorporate multiple audio and video tracks independent of one another. These separate elements are then isolated and adjusted while playing and editing which then offers the MOV format to use in professional applications.

File Extension: .mov
MIME Type: video/quicktime, image/mov, audio/aiff, video/x-quicktime, video/avi, audio/x-midi, audio/x-wav

How to play MOV file?

In order to open a MOV file, there should be an application or software installed for playing these files. Depending on the OS you need to choose the application. In the case that your MOV file doesn't open, it indicates that you do not have the proper software application on your PC in order to view or edit MOV files. Few of these applications used for playing or editing MOV are:

For Windows: QuickTime Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Creator NXT Pro, PowerDVD 13, VideoLAN VLC media player, Mobile Media Converte and any others.

For Mac OS: QuickTime Player, Elmedia Player, VideoLAN VLC media player, Roxio Toast 11, Roxio Popcorn 4, and Mobile Media ConverterB B

For Linux: VideoLAN VLC media player, Mobile Media Converter

Once, you install one of the above mentioned applications you can just double click on the MOV file. Then the OS will decide the correct application and plays the MOV file.

Note: Select the Application according to the operating system of your PC

Advantages of MOV

It has the ability to contain abstract data references for your media data i.e. the MOV files can be easily edited and also, there is no necessity to rewrite all your data after editing.

The QuickTime Movie format can be played within web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari etc. This is because QuickTime includes a browser plug-in that is accessible to these browsers and allows them to load the player in the browser window.


  • This QuickTime Movie Format (MOV) is limited just to the QuickTime application. But this application i.e. QuickTime is available only for Windows and Mac OS. It is not available for Linux bases computers; in order to play MOV files on other OS you need to find for an alternative player
  • In cases of Web browser you cannot play the QuickTime MOV files if the QuickTime application is not installed

In case if you find any issues while playing MOV files or your MOV file gets corrupted or damaged due to any reason, then just make use of Remo Repair MOV toolkit to repair MOV video files easily.

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