Nook Tablet

The tablet is a smaller version of PC (generally size of paper notebook) and featuring a touch screen. In current era tablets are incredibly popular among business people, college students, software engineers, etc. and easily operated through fingers. One can easily browse internet, stay connected with corporate emails, make video conference with clients, download books, create and share presentations, watch movies, play games, share photos and many more things.

The main important tablet feature to consider is its operating system or else known as platform independent. At present there are three major OS that is Apple, Android, BlackBerry and most renowned brands like Samsung, Motorola, LG, Micro max, Lenovo, etc. have been adopted these OS and developed their own tablets with stylish look and outstanding features. However, among all these tablets, the most renowned one is “Nook Tablet” because it is an e-reader as well as media player based on Android operating system and was marketed by Noble and Barnes. The first Nook tablet was released on February 2012 with 16GB internal memory and external slot compatible with 32GB, 7 inch (18cm) screen, 1GB dual core processor, FAT 32 file system, pre loaded Nook apps, adobe flash player, web browser and so forth.

One of the appreciated features about Nook tablet is its standard E-ink screen type because most of the e-book readers won’t have this type of screen, which allows more crisp images that are great when you are reading, watching videos and playing games.

Additional Features:

  • One will have the opportunity to get latest magazines and books with the choice of over 2.5 million books
  • The tablet is pre loaded with Hulu Plus and Netflix, which allows users to stream there favorite movies and television shows
  • It is equipped with integrated microphone
  • Nook tablet offers add free reading, which means there will be no add appearance on search bar while reading books
  • The battery life is near about 12 hours and a drain battery gets charged within 3 hours, etc.
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure