Operating System

Operating system is the most important set of softwares, which creates a platform for user to interact with the hardware with ease. Operating system is also essential as all applications require it for their functioning.

operating system level

Types of Operating System:

  • Real-time: Real time OS are used to handle complex systems that require sepecialized algorithm for processing the inputs quickly.
  • Multi-user: In this type of OS, processor splits the resources between multiple users, and handles one user at a time. The speed and efficency with which the resources are managed makes apparent that users are accessing resources at the same time.
  • Distributed: In distributed systems, software and data may be distributed but the OS manages these computers in a way that they appear as a single system.
  • Multi-tasking
  • Single User

The computers or laptops that we use today are advanced with multifunctional capabilities like:

  • User Interface: Today all the operating system are GUI (Graphical User Interface) enabled. This makes it easier for the users to interact with the computer without knowing the complex procedures involved in the background.
  • Job Management: A software known as job scheduler, manages jobs that are to be executed from the queue. It is responsible for the time and order in which the job is to be executed.
  • Task Management: Today operating systems can execute multiple tasks simultaneously. The capability of a computer for multitasking depends on CPU speed, available memory, disk capacity, etc.              
  • Data Management: All the important data that a user saves on a computer is saved on computer’s hard disk. Operating system knows the details of the data that is stored on computer. It also manages free disk space where new data can be saved.  
  • Device Management and Security

NOTE: While adding an array to the storage drive using MS iSCSI Initiator, in Disk Management slightest confusion between the discs may result in data loss from iSCSI drive. 

Popular Operating Systems:

There are different types of operating system available in the market, which comes preloaded when you purchase a PC or laptop. Some of the most popular OS are Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

  • Linux is an open source operating system, named after Linus Trovalds. As it has open source license it can be modified by any user other many operating systems. There are many versions of Linux that have been modified by programmers Ubuntu, Mint, and Fedora. Linux is accepted widely for servers and embedded applications.
  • Microsoft Windows is world’s most popularly used operating system for personal computers. In 1980s, the user interactive interface of Windows gained quick popularity and acceptance. The recent version of Windows is Windows 7 and Windows 2008 for server.
  • Mac or Macintosh is rated as the most robust operating system. Mac is developed and marketed Apple Inc. Mac OS runs exclusively on Apple hardware. Mac OS X Lion is the latest major released version of Mac.

Other than these are numerous other OS available as Proprietary OS( like Google, Bell Labs, Be Inc., etc.) and  non-proprietary OS.

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