Parallel Desktop

Parallel Desktop is virtual machine software developed by Parallel Inc. which helps in providing hard drive virtualization for Mac based computers that are powered by Intel Processers. It plays a vital role in executing Windows, Linux and other operating systems on Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X systems.
Parallel Desktop is powered by a thin layer of light weighted software called as hypervisor that works between the host computer’s hardware and Mac OS X. This in turn results in more stable, more secure, and higher-performing virtual machines.

With Parallels Desktop, it is easier to run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting your system. Also, the user can easily drag and drop the files between the Windows and Mac applications and can even launch the Windows applications from Mac OS X dock. The powerful performance of the Mac OS X machines with Intel processors lets the user to run the Windows productivity applications that are even graphics intensive with ease.

Tools associated with Parallel Desktop

In order to enhance experience of executing multiple operating systems on Macintosh computer, Parallels Desktop offers several utilities: Parallels Transporter, Parallels Explorer and Parallels Compressor. It even has a set of special tools to help the user to operate the virtual machines efficiently. These include, mouse synchronization tool, coherence tools, clipboard synchronization tool and other tools.

Advantages of Parallel Desktop

Parallel Desktop enables Windows OS to run full screen on Mac. Windows applications will run on an individual window that is melded on the desktop with Mac applications. When it is minimized, all your Windows apps will appear in the Mac Dock along with the Mac apps. Consistency of the Parallel desktop is the one that offers smoothest mode of operation.

Also, users can auto-hide the Windows Start menu that removes Windows apps on Mac dock without leaving any traces of the Windows OS. These parallel Desktops come with a relocation utility, which can easily move all the contents of a Windows PC to the parallel virtual machine that is located in the Mac.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure