Partition Boot Sector

Hard drive is the main storage area of data which is further divided into number of partitions. Every partition contains its own volume boot sector. Volume boot sector is different from master boot sector which controls the entire hard disk, but similar in functionality, this concept is also known as boot volume record or partition boot sector.

Boot sector, which is a small region of floppy disk, hard disk, optical disc etc that includes a machine code to be loaded into random access memory (RAM) by a firmware present in computer system. The boot sector’s work is to allow the boot process running on the computer system to load a program. The design of computing platform specifies the location and size of the boot sector.

Components of partition boot sector

  • Disk Parameter Block: This is also called as media parameter block, as it is a data table it stores information about the volume I.e. size, number of sectors, number of sectors in each cluster and label name.
  • Volume Boot Code: This is also known as master boot code, as the name itself indicates that this volume contains code, which is specifically to load the Operating System. The volume boot code is stored in master boot record for the active partition.

When we undergo a high-level formatting of the hard drive partition, then the volume boot sectors are created. When the hard disk is booted, exactly after that the boot sector’s code is executed which helps in overcoming virus infection. Therefore to resolve this scenario, we need to take a regular backup copy of the entire data stored in the partition.

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