Pen Drive

Pen drive is a most popular device used for transferring files from one device to another. USB stands for “Universal Serial Bus”, which is used to store digital information. We can easily share data using USB drives with other devices mentioned below:

  • Computers
  • Digital Picture Frames
  • Music players
  • Video Games
  • DVD players

Pen drives has a plug which is joined to the USB port of the other device. USB drives stores data with a flash memory, which belongs to computer chip. At the beginning, when pen drives were introduced they started with 8 megabytes of storage capacity and now they are available upto 256 gigabyte. USB drives are also known as pen drive, key drive, thumb drive, jump drive or simply USB.


  • Storage: Pen drives are used to store large amount of data like documents, photos, music, video, audio etc, upto 256 gigabytes.
  • Transfer: You can transfer data which is stored in the pen drive from one device to another.
  • Boot OS: These days USB flash drives are used to boot the operating system. These pen drives which helping in booting OS are known as Live USB versions.
  • Backup: As USB drives have storage capacity upto 256 gigabytes, we can easily take backup of entire data stored in hard drive when we are formatting.


Pen drives are used most often worldwide these days, so the personal data stored in it should also be secured. For the security purpose, flash drives are offering biometrics or encryption to ensure data to be safe. We should install passwords on our own flash drives so that our data will be safe. If some third party user tries to open pen drives, it will prompt to enter a password to access data stored in it. There are several open source programs available which are used to encrypt data on pen drives. If you have deleted / lost data from your pen drive then you can easily recover it using Remo Recover.

Related Information

USB Data Recovery
USB drives often get corrupted due to virus attack, as they are plugged in into many number of devices like computer, DVD, music players etc. Before puggling USB drives into other devices, check whether the device has an updated anti-virus software. If device is not protected from virus, then do not plug the pen drives to those devices else the data stored in it gets corrupted and fail to open. Remo Recover helps users to restore back the corrupted data easily.

Pen drive recovery software
Pen drive is the best device to transfer files , store and to create a backup file of entire hard drive. As portability is the major advantage of pen drive, we can work with our data anywhere and quickly. During transfer of files there are scenarious where we may loose our files like improper ejection, virus attack, abrupt shut down of system etc. To recover your lost files back, you can make use of Remo Recover, which makes use of best scan algorithm to search and restore deleted data.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure