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Photo Library is used for managing, viewing, organizing and storing photos on your computer. With the help of Photo Library, managing your photos, organizing and creating the slide show of the photos becomes easier. You can easily edit your photos, view, create a collage of your photos, and even upload them online in an effective way with these photo libraries. Also, you can search for a particular photo and find the photo based on the tags added.

You can find many photo library tools, to manage and organize your photos. Based on the operating system you can prefer any of them. Some of the photo library tools are:

Famous Photo Library Tools


It is one of the most widely used image organizing and image viewing tool for organizing and viewing the digital photos, with integrated photo sharing website. This website allows online photo sharing and storage efficiently. It provides you a simple-photo editing features. With Picasa, it is very easy to save, edit and share your photos on Google +. In addition, one can easily import photos online or from your memory card using Picasa. You can easily sync the photos with the web and tag these photos based on the facial expression, date and location taken etc. easily.

Windows Photo Gallery:

Earlier referred as Windows Live Photo Gallery It is a widely used image organizer, photo editing and photo-sharing app, which is a part of Microsoft Windows essentials. It provides an image viewer, which replaces the default OS styled image viewing and has a photo import tool that allows you to import photos from online, camera and from other removable storage media. With this Windows Photo Gallery, you can even share your photos on Flickr, Facebook, and SkyDrive etc.

One of the unique features of Windows Photo Gallery is, you can easily build panorama photos. It has a mode called "Photo Fuse" mode, which enables users to combine two photos into a one single pic.


iPhoto is one of the best photo management tools that manages and organizes your photos on your Mac OS X. It comes by default with the operating system. It’s very easy to create and manage the photo album with iPhoto. Also,it allows you to share these photo albums on your Facebook, Flickr and iCloud etc. It even supports a variety of RAW camera formats. It keeps updating its RAW file formats to support all the latest camera formats. iPhoto 9 with iLife 11 is the latest version of the iPhoto.

Note: For deleted iPhoto library recovery, visit this page.

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