What is Pixel?

“Picture Element” in short is referred as Pixel, which is minute point in graphic display or image. Whenever an image or graphic display is represented it divides the representation into thousands or millions of pixels which are arranged in matrix of rows and columns. In general you will not be able to view pixel as it is small, however the pixel should not be large in an image or else the image may become blur or pixelated. For example when you zoom into image or change the monitor resolution to very low, then you could see each pixel situated closely with one another.

Every pixel in image or graphic display will have one color at one specific time. More pixels accompanied in image will have better resemblance of original image, thus this is usually referred as resolution. Usually while representing pixels in different aspects you may come across DPI (Dots Per Inch) and PPI (Pixel Per Inch). But both measures are dissimilar, where PPI represents pixels density of image and DPI represents dots density of printer. However pixel count can be expressed in single number or a pair of numbers, in single number it is represented as one megapixel which corresponds to one million pixels, and in pair of numbers it is represented as 640×480 (equal to 307,200 pixels) which corresponds to 640 pixels side by side and 480 pixels top to bottom.         

In modern world where most of the work is accomplished using computers, thus when you are editing images using photo editor application like Adobe Photoshop. In such cases you may have to deal with pixel in order to edit image, thus make sure you have better knowledge on pixel art before editing any image. This is because if you provide improper values then there are chances of losing image quality and in some cases it could even corrupt your Photshop image. I such cases Remo repair PSd could come in handy to repair photo in Photoshop with simple clicks. Nevertheless, pixel art usually uses 256 colors, however modern day screens has the ability of displaying more than 4 billion different colors.     

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