Plug and Play Devices

Plug and play also referred as PnP, is an attractive phrase used for devices that work or recognized instantly whenever they are connected to computer. The major advantage of PnP device is that a user does not have to install the drivers manually and moreover the computer will itself take care of the device without manual intervention. When the device is connected it is automatically detected or recognized by the computer, new drivers will be loaded for the hardware isntantly for the first time use.

Consider for example that you connect a plug and play device to one of the USB port of your computer; thus you may notice that as soon as you connect the device it will become available within few seconds after plug-in. Besides this when you compare the plug-and-play device with non-plug-and-play device, you may notice that the device will take a very lengthy procedure for setting up the device on your computer. Perhaps in Windows based computer a plug-and-play device was first introduced in Windows 95 and retained the same for all its later versions. The role of plug-and-play devices in growing in demand nowadays as every user wants some kind of comfortability to easily access the device. Example of some plug-and-play devices are USB devices, internal or external hard disks, video cards, monitor and many other.

At times there are situations where system cannot configure and load a PnP device, thus in this kind of situation you can make use of device manger, DOS drivers loaded with CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT configuration files and finally by using both DOS and operating system. But even after performing above mentioned configuration methods the devices may not be configured due to some complex operating system environment or due to some uncertainties with the computer.

At times a plug-and-play device like USB device will end up in software or hardware conflict due to which it may fail to work, this failure may result in device corruption leading to data loss. Thus if you have come across any such scenario then you can make use of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) application which can easily perform data recovery after USB flash drive not recognized by your Windows or Mac operating system.

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