Portable Hard Drive

Portable hard drives are one of the fastest-growing computer peripherals of recent times. They store your valuable data and provide data-security as they reside outside the computer. Some use them as an additional storage space for their files, especially in cases of laptops, notebooks and in some desktops that lack extensive internal storage capacity. Since, they reside outside; it can also be used to store the backup copy of your data. These are smaller than your desktop hard drives and are light-weighted hence can be easily carried them to any place and use them on different computers.

Even though portable hard drives are smaller and compact than your hard drives, they offer more protection to your data. They can be easily connected to your computer either by using USB cable or Firewire 400 / 800 cables. After use, it can be disconnected from the system and stored in any safe and secure place. When it is needed again, one can just plug it back again.

Benefits of using Portable hard drives:

Portable: As name indicates these are portable devices that can be easily carried to any place and connected to any system without any difficulties.

Secure Backup device: Since, these portable hard drives are not permanently connected to your system, in cases of system failure; the files stored on the portable hard drives will still be safe. Hence, it is the secure backup device.  

Easily Upgradable: If the portable hard drive doesn’t have enough space to save the files it can be easily upgrade or replaced with a bigger one.

Prevents computer from getting clogged: Excessive downloading of files and storing large sized files on your computer might decrease the system performance and result in system clogging. Hence, with portable hard drives, you can save all these large and unnecessary files, thus free up your computer’s memory.

No External-Power Source required: These portable hard drives are often referred as plug-and-play devices. Users can simply connect it to the system and start saving files; it does not require any additional power supply unlike your other desktop hard drives.

Allows File Sharing: As these portable hard drives can be easily connected to any computer, it is the great device for sharing files. In case there are huge files that need to be used on both home and office computers, then these files can be saved on portable hard drives and connected to any system whenever the files are needed.   

Supported operating Systems:

Portable hard drives are compatible with Windows, Mac and UNIX. Some times depends on the brands

NOTE: Go through this page and know how to recover data from portable hard drives, which has got deleted, lost or formatted.

Available Brands:

Seagate Backup Plus, Toshiba, Western Digital, Sony, Buffalo, Iomega, Transcend Store Jet, Canvio portable, Verbatim etc.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure