Power Cycling


Power Cycling is nothing but an action of turning a gadget or piece of electrical or electronic hardware off, or disconnecting it from its power source, and after that again turning on. Frequently this is done to PCs, modems or other electronic devices to correct freezing, hanging or infected device. Power Cycling is also known as Off-on-test or Power Cycle.

Power cycling act can be done manually with the help of switch on any device or even automatically via another device, network monitoring system or system. This can also be performed remotely using a communication channel. This act is usually done on TCP/IP in data centre atmosphere through panel, system or power distribution unit.

In regard to computers, laptops, servers, personal computers power cycle is referred as rebooting the computer.

How does it help?

  • All the electronic gadgets which work on hardware or software will get heat it up or might get overloaded which affects the performance. In such instance, removing power by the device will refresh the internal memory. As a result the system can work now like new one
  • Always you have to power cycle your modems, routers to expand their hardware future.
  • When power cycling fails, then you can try hard resetting the router that is performing factory default settings on router. However, you cannot hard reset modem at any point of time.
  • Regular power cycling act will help in keeping track of systems performance, locate potential hardware failures which comes from hard restart. This test can also identify the downtime required after unknown hardware shutdown.

Note: Hard reset or reboot is nothing but abruptly/suddenly turning off your system without performing any operation like normal shutdown process.

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