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QuickTime (QT) is a multimedia player developed by Apple Computer Inc; this player plays various digital video formats, sounds, pictures, panoramic images etc. It also lets you view internet videos, HD movie trailers and personal video in remarkably high quality. QuickTime is only player that works with some exclusive Apple formats (MOV).

Salient Features:


QuickTime was released on December 2, 1991. The classic version of QT was available for Windows XP and Mac OS X versions and the most recent version available is QuickTime 7.x for Windows and QT 10.x for Macintosh. Below table displays the versions of QuickTime player along with the operating system

Microsoft Windows:

OS Versions
Windows 3.1x/Windows NT 3.1-3.51 2.1.2
Windows 95 5.0.5
Windows NT 4.0 6.1
Windows 98/ME 6.5.2
Windows 2000 7.1.6
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 7.7.4 (current)



OS Versions
(68K) System 7.1-8.1
(PPC) System 7.1.2-7.5.3
(PPC) System 7.5.5-8.5.1 5.0.5[62]
Mac OS 8.6-9 6.0.3[63]
Mac OS X v10.0 5.0 (bundled)
Mac OS X v10.1 6.3.1[64]
Mac OS X v10.2 6.5.3[65]
Mac OS X v10.3 7.5[66]
Mac OS X v10.4 7.6.4[67]
Mac OS X v10.5 7.7[68]]
Mac OS X v10.6 10.0[69] / 7.7.1[70] (optional)
Mac OS X v10.7 10.1[71] / 7.7.1[70] (optional)
Mac OS X v10.8 10.2[citation needed] / 7.7.1[70] (optional)

NOTE: If your MOV video file refuses to play in QuickTime player and showing some error report, then visit this page to know how to repair corrupted MOV videos that are unplayable in QuickTime.

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