Ransomware is a malware which restricts you from accessing your computer by taking control of it. This type of malware can lock your computer, stops certain apps from running or encrypt the document stored on your system. It demands you to pay some amount through online payment methods to get access to your computer. But, there is no guarantee that after paying the fine also, you will able to access your computer.

"FBI Moneypak" and "FBI virus" are the two versions of ransomware and the most widespread ransomware families are Crowti (also known as Cryptowall), and FakeBsod .They will enter your computer in many ways, such as,

  • Through malicious or compromised websites
  • By clicking infected files or popup advertisement which contains malicious scripts
  • Spreads through email attachments
  • With fake antivirus software

How Attackers Attempt to Extort Payment from You?

  • 1. You may receive an email which demands you to pay to get a private key for decrypting encrypted files .
  • 2. The ransomware will claim that you have saved illegal document or apps on your PC, and that you are being fined by a police force or government agency.
  • 3. It may forces you to buy anti-ransomware software on legitimate websites to fix this problem

Ransomware Removal Procedure:

System Restore will help you when your system is attacked by ransomware.

  • Restart your PC and as soon as you see anything on your monitor hold on F8 key from your keyboard
  • It will take you to Advanced Boot Options menu where you have to select Repair your computer
  • Next, click on Enter
  • In the next window, you have to log on as user
  • You will find shortcuts to a few tools where you have to click System Restore option

In case, you will not get Repair option, make use of Windows disk. Before proceeding with installation, you have to click on Repair your computer option in installation window. If system restore doesn't work, then you can also use offline virus scanner. Even it fails to fix your problem, then the last option is factory restore.

How to Protect Your System from Ransomware?

  • Safeguard your system with the help of the antivirus software or maintain a powerful firewall. Keep antivirus software and firewall up to date.
  • Maintain backup of system data on regular basis in any external storage device. So that, you need not to worry about any external threats which harm your system
  • Do not click on popups. It is even better to enable popup blocker
  • Don't pay the ransom, because they will further extort you
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure