RAR File

RAR (Roshal ARchive) Files are special type of files that contains compressed data, that are compressed using a Roshal Archive Compression format. It can store one or more files that are compacted to reduce the overall size of all the files compared to the collective sizes of all the files. A RAR file is a compressed file (similar to a zip file) that uses the file name extension‌ .rar.

RAR files are designed to facilitate you in storing numerous files in a compressed archival format. It creates “volumes” within a single executable file and organizes your data. After which the RAR files will be easily compressed and stored or sent via internet.

In order to work with the files in the RAR file, you will have to unpack or extract all the compressed files. Typically, they are used for saving, sharing and transferring files on the computer or over internet. However, Windows does not support RAR files hence; one need to make use of third-party tools designed to work with RAR files, which is use to create and even extraxt RAR files.

MIME Types: application/rar, application/stuffit, application/x-rar-compressed
File Extensions:  For data volume set, .rar and for recovery volume set, .rev
Software to create RAR files: WinRAR, 7-Zip, Bitzipper, Corel WinZip 16.5, Free RAR Extract Frog, UnRarX, B1 Free Archiver and the Unarchiver

Uses of RAR file:

  • RAR file reduces the size of the original file, which saves the space on your hard drive or any storage media
  • It facilitates the faster transfer of information into a RAR file over internet and hence, are widely used for supports file sharing
  • Since, RAR file contains several files, transfer of data either through internet or via USB cable etc. can be easily done with a single command rather than sending each file separately

In case the Original archives are too large then, RAR files can be split into multiple pieces or volumes. One can easily transfer each of these pieces individually and then are reassembled by using a compression program. Typically, the RAR archives with multiple volumes have the extensions like, "file.part1.rar," "file.part2.rar," etc. or "file.rar," "file.r01," "file.r02," etc. that is the first file uses the extension .rar, and then .r00 for the second, .r01, .r02, and so on.

Max / Min size for RAR File : The minimum size of a RAR file is 20 bytes. The maximum size of a RAR file is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 (263-1) bytes, which is 8 exabytes minus 1 byte.

Limitations of RAR file

The only disadvantage of using RAR files is that it takes more time for compressing the files or extracting the files when compared to ZIP file.

Comparison over ZIP

RAR files have a compression ratio that is better than other formats like ZIP. For example, RAR files can be up to 30 percent smaller than ZIP files. RAR provides strong encryption and has the ability to possibly repair damaged archives. However, it is third-party software and needs to install separately, whereas ZIP compressor comes with the Windows OS.

If you want to know how to fix RAR files, then click on the given link.

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