Remote Access

The process of accessing any computing devices or electronic gadgets from a remote location is called remote access. In general accessing a computer’s information from any location either data or a service is called remote access. Remote access is more popular among PC users all over the world. There are several advantages for the PC users in creating a remote access environment. Since these type of facilities comforts the PC user all over the world it is appreciated and deployed in almost all operating systems such as Windows, Mac etc. There are many literal advantages in making a computer suitable for remote access they are as follows.


  • Saves lot of time and money
  • Data and information can be made available at anywhere and anytime.
  • Reduces human efforts
  • Single data or information residing on one computer can be used for many simultaneous process


  • Since remote accessing is the process of two way communication which requires a relaxation in the field of security may help the hackers to steal the data inside those computers
  • The settings have to be configured properly. If any problems occur in the middle or while accessing remotely only a very little chance to reconstruct the communication bridge remotely.
  • In many occasions requires an internet connection to establish a remote access session.

The remote access environment can be established in two different ways in a PC. It can be accessed among different and same operating systems. The only necessity is that both the PC must use a common bridge for remote access. The possible ways are.

  • Using the third party software
  • Using inbuilt options in operating system.

Using third party software:

There are many third party software which provides the user to control and access computers remotely. One of main advantage of this third party software is they can easily roam around any operating system platforms. These third party tools are independent of the PC hardware devices in the max. These tools will create a virtual reliable network bridge and defines their own RPC protocol as decided by the user. Every data byte has to be authenticated now and then.

Using inbuilt options in operating systems:

Several operating systems provide remote access facility to the user. One of the finest examples is Windows OS. The main drawback of this kind of remote access facility is they cannot be processed in variant platforms like variant operating systems.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure