Safari Web Browser

Apple Safari is a Web browser that is developed by Apple for its Mac OS X and iOS operating systems. It is now available for Windows operating system and iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. Safari was first released in 2003. Both iPad Touch and iPhone has an adapted version of Safari preloaded.

Safari is based upon Apple's WebKit engine, which is accountable for some of the excellent features like displaying graphics, rendering fonts, determining page layouts and to run JavaScript and many more. WebKit engine is an application framework that is based upon two open source frameworks called WebCore and JavascriptCore.

Safari is designed to bring you a beautiful browsing experience. It offers a tabbed interface that provides single view for multiple web pages in the same window and to save desktop space. Also, these tabs can be easily rearranged using drag and drop or open a new tab option by double-clicking the tab bar.

Version History

Safari currently occupies the fourth position in the browser market behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. From the day it released, Safari has been evolved as a new browser with added features. The versions of Safari are:

For Mac OS X:

Version Supported OS versions Main Feature Added Date of Release
Safari Mac OS X v10.2 Public Beta 2. Tabbed browsing, forms and passwords autofill, improved AppleScriptsupport, more localizations. January 7, 2003
Safari 1

Mac OS X 10.2 - From 1.0 to 1.0.3
Mac OS X 10.3 - From 1.1 to 1.3.1-

Improved speed, improved support for web standards, improved CSS support, application stability and support for 3rd party web application June 23, 2003
Safari 2 Mac OS X v10.4 Improved rendering speed and website compatibility. Came with Integrated RSS and Atom reader. Had Integrated PDF viewer, Private Browsing mode and Parental Controls features. April 29, 2005
Safari 3 Mac OS X v10.4 - From 3.0 to 3.0.3
Mac V 10.4-10.5- From 3.0.4 to 3.2.3
Drag and drop tabs, and the ability to save a group of tabs as a single bookmark. The ability to display SVG images, and integration with the Dashboard June 11, 2007
Safari 4 Mac OS X v10.4 - v10.5- From 4.0 to 4.0.3
Mac OS X v10.4- From 4.0.3 to 4.1.3
Includes SquirrelFish JavaScript interpreter, Adds ability to save webpages as standalone web applicationsand improves stability of VoiceOver. June 11, 2007
Safari 5

Mac OS X v10.5 - v10.6- From 5.0 to 5.0.5
Mac OS X v10.5- From 5.0.6
Mac OS X v10.6 - v10.7- From 5.1 to 5.0.5 to 5.1.10

Added new features like Safari Reader, Private Auto-Fill, Adds support for iCloud syncing of bookmarks and Reading List. Offers Frequent Security updates

June 7, 2010

Safari 6 Mac OS X v10.7 - v10.8 Cloud integration added. Twitter integration added. Overall faster performance. Contains fixes that improve performance, stability, and security. Jul, 25 2012
Safari 7 Mac OS X v10.9 New Sidebar with Shared Links, Bookmarks and Reading List. contains redesigned Top Sites. Nitro Tiered JIT, Fast Start and power-saving technologies June 10, 2013

For Windows OS:

Version Supported OS versions Main Feature Added Date of Release
Safari 3 Windows XP, Vista Feature parity with Mac OS X version, Added phishing detection, Extended Validation Certificate support, security fixes. June 11, 2007
Safari 4

Windows XP, Vista, 7

Adds ability to save webpages as standalone web applications. Improved stability for third-party plug-ins and websites with online forms and Scalable Vector Graphics. June 11, 2008
Safari 5 Windows XP, Vista, 7 Added new features including Safari Reader, Bing Search, and Safari Development Tools. Introduces support for full-screen webpages, media caching, MathML, Web Open Font Format, June 7, 2010


Salient features:

Some of the features of Safari Web Browsers are

  • Automatic filling in of web forms  i.e. "autofill" feature
  • Bookmark are integrated with Address Book
  • Comes with a private browsing mode that doesn't save browsing history or related information
  • Offers integrated QuickTime multimedia player
  • Support for VoiceOver, an application that describes Web page content and reads text aloud
  • Provided thumbnail display of the user's most visited sites
  • Apple's Keychain identify management scheme for password management
  • Integrates with Apple's iWeb software

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