Microsoft Outlook is the most useful for communicating with people as it consists of best attributes like Mail, Contact, Calendar, Tasks, RSS feeds, Journals and Notes. All the data stored in the Outlook is automatically stored in a single file known as PST (Personal Storage Table). PST file is by default stored in C drive, the location of PST file can be accessed by opening your Outlook and following the below options:

Tools-> Account Settings -> Data Files

If PST file itself gets corrupted, then Outlook cannot function well. There are some scenarios where PST file gets corrupted they are power surge, virus attack, improper exit of Outlook etc. Scanpst.exe is well known as “inbox repair tool”, which helps in repairing corrupted PST file.

When we run the scanpst.exe tool, it proceeds with the number of tests. Once the scanning process is completed, if scanpst.exe finds errors, it gives an option to save a copy of your original Outlook data, if yes, it creates a backup files before it repairs PST file.

Scanpst.exe is not only used to repair PST files, it also repairs offline .OST files. If Scanpst.exe is not able to repair corrupted OST file then we need to change the settings foe Outlook Exchange Server Service to opt for the new OST file and then we can synchronize OST file with the server.

As we know, inbox repair tool is most important in Outlook, but sometimes if the PST file is seriously corrupted, scanpst.exe cannot repair and restore the Outlook data back and the following error is displayed:

"An unexpected error prevented access to this file. Use Scandisk to check the disk for errors, and then try using the Inbox Repair Tool again"

Do not worry, if scanpst.exe cannot repair PST file, we can try for the best repair tool available in market like Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

Related Info

PST Repair
Having a corrupt Outlook PST file? Repair your corrupt PST file using Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and generate a new healthy PST file. The software is much more advanced than the scanpst.exe and is safe to repair any damaged PST file. The software creates a new PST file and restores all the data from corrupted PST file in it.

How to recover emails after scanpst error
Scanspst.exe will throw an error if it is not able to repair the corrupt PST file. Also, there are no guarantees for the repair results that can be obtained using scanpst.exe. Instead try the safer method of repairing a corrupt PST using Remo Repair Outlook, which repairs a corrupt PST file and will generate a new healthy file instead trying to make the same corrupt file working.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure