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SD (Secure Digital) Card is a portable storage unit used for storing information especially in portable devices like digital cameras, music players, camcorders, etc. The size of SD cards is s 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm and weighs approximately 2grams. These are available in various storage capacities.

Family of SD cards comprises of other types which includes:

  • SDHC: Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) as the name refers this SD format can provide storage up to 32 GB.
  • SDXC: Secure Digital Extended Capacity cards were announced in Jan 2009. Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) offers higher storage capacity i.e. up to 2 TB (Terabyte).
  • SDIO: Secure Digital Input Output or SDIO card was extension to the SD card. SDIO could perform input / output functions. These can be used in FM radio tuners, barcode readers, GPS receivers, etc.

SD cards can be also classified on the basis of their physical size as SD card, mini SD and micro SD card. Users can pick the most appropriate type depending on their device and data storage need.

sd card types

SD Card devices

SD cards are employed in many devices including car navigation system, tablets, video game consoles, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cellular phones, eBooks, PDAs, smartphones, etc. Their usability in many devices to provide high storage in small cards has made them popular.


SD cards can be written and read quickly. The speed of SD card is the measure of how quickly data can be read from or written on the card format. The speed of the SD card depend many factors including the possibility of fragmentation. The two types of speed class defined are

  • Ultra-High Speed (UHS) Class
  • Speed Class

The process for which continuous writing is required, a certain minimum speed is required below which SD card would not perform well. These SD speed class standards were created to support video recording. UHS can perform lightening fast bus interface transfer i.e. up to 312 mbps (Megabytes per second) and supports large size HD videos.

SD Card Issues:

  • Reading or writing process on SD cards is complex. This process requires development of number of functions to handle I/O operations accurately. Microchip Inc. has developed a library of I/O functions file to implement these operations. “Microchip MDD File System” is name of the library where MDD stands for memory disk drive.If these I/O operations are not carried out correctly, photos that are captured on your memory card are not properly written to the card. Hence, these kinds of images are not processed properly.
  • Including this, many scenarios arise where captured photos are not copied properly to memory card like inserting memory card to slots improperly, pulling out memory card when transferring photos to other storage.

Related Info:

SD Card Data Recovery
SD cards are used in various devices and sever asdata storage medium for all those devices. While handling electronic devices like handy cam, DSLRs, music players, etc. user might accidentally delete important and useful files stored on them. In such situation, Remo SD card recovery tool can be used to recover lost data from SD card from various SD card formats.

Recover Images from Formatted SD Card
The need of formatting the SD card arises when SD card is corrupt. This can be due to reasons like virus attack, file system corruption, etc. When formatting is performed on the all the files are lost from storage unit. If you wish to recover photos, videos, music files form a formatted SD card, read the above link.

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