SkyDrive is a file hosting service application that developed and maintained by Microsoft. It enable users to upload any files to cloud storage and then access them by web browser or using client’s software. Files uploaded to your SkyDrive account are available to you only unless you share with others. You can share files on social media, friends or publicly and can provide permission to any SkyDrive user to edit or modify your files. In addition, it offers 7 GB of free storage space for new users, an extra 3 GB of free space for students.


Format Support : SkyDrive support viewing of ODF – Open Document Format, PDF – Portable Document Format, an XML based file format supported in various word processing apps.

Document Embedding : It allows users to embed their office documents such as Excel, PowerPoint onto other web pages. Users who visit to these web pages allow them to interact with these documents, such as performing calculations on Excel spreadsheet etc.

Email integration: SkyDrive integrates with which allows users to directly upload photos and office documents within Outlook, stores them on SkyDrive, and shares them with other users. In addition, it allows directly save office documents within to SkyDrive, and modify or view these documents directly on web browser.

Bing integration : SkyDrive integrates with Bing’s save and share features, allows users to save search history into SkyDrive folder.

Share on social networks : SkyDrive integrates with social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to make easy for users to share their files with other contacts on social network.

Photo slideshows : Photos uploaded onto SkyDrive can be played as an automatic slideshow

Download as Zip file : SkyDrive allows users to download all folders in a zip format. For a single download, there is a limit of 4GB.

Recycle Bin : When user delete any file from their SkyDrive account, the service will allow you to undo the action and restores deleted file from Recycle Bin to original folder. All files stored in Recycle Bin are available for minimum 3 days and maximum 30 days. When size of Recycle Bin exceeds oldest files will get delete automatically by making room for storing newly deleted files.


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