Soft Copy

Soft copy is an electronic copy of the data, such as a file that is viewed on a computer's display or can be transmitted as an e-mail attachment or through USB drives, which when printed is converted as a hard copy.

Soft copy is a legible version of a piece of information and not printed on a physical medium, they are stores or displayed on a computer. They are accessible only through Computer. It can be viewed, read, edited or opened via computer monitor or other displays through an appropriate software program such as word processing, database programs, presentations programs and many more. Some of the examples of these programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, Microsoft Access and so on...

Soft copies can be sent through e-mails or over a network connection, which makes them more efficient and cost effective option than using hard copies for communications. It can also be saved as a read-only or can be locked with a password for additional security reasons.

Benefits of Soft Copy

Limitations of Soft Copy

The downside to using soft copies is that they require a computer and software in order to open or access them. They can be easily duplicated or edited than the hard copies. Moreover, they are susceptible to virus infection or can be accidentally deleted, in which case you will lose your data.

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