Soft Reset

A soft reset is a process of restating or rebooting a device, such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop or personal computer (PC) by clearing the internal (non-storage) memory of the running programs. Soft resetting a device will close all the open applications and clears any data associated with it in RAM (Random Access Memory). Even though the unsaved data that is being in use currently may be lost however, the data stored on the hard drive, applications and settings will not be affected.

On PCs, a soft reset consists of restarting the PC rather than shutting down completely and then starting it again. Meanwhile, for handheld devices like smartphones, soft resetting generally involves shutting the device off and then starting it fresh. This is a simple and the fastest way to clear the issue when an application is causing problems and is normally only performed on smartphones.

Usually Soft Resets are performed as an attempt to fix any malfunctioning applications or when the applications require software installation. However, Soft reset does not edit or remove any of the user data, settings and applications. It just returns a device to the same state when it was first bought from the factory i.e. to its default factory settings.

Some of the Issues fixed by soft reset

Soft reset can resolve numerous issues that include device continuously resets / reboots, device crashing or freezing frequently, device doesn’t ring or vibrate, unable to make or receive calls, device locks up and keypad doesn't respond suddenly. Some of the others are as listed below:

  • Not receiving messages, both text and picture messages.
  • Not receiving emails or unable to send files.
  • Issues with Audio
  • Responsive issues with touch screens or when navigating the phone
  • Network related issues and few minor software related issues on phones

Not just these, the soft reset can actually solve many more simple / minor problems on mobile phones, especially when the phone is being used for a long period of time and has not been power cycled for a while. In case your Android Smartphone is lowered in its performance and the soft reset fails to fix the issue, you can utilize the Remo MORE application that is a freeware and is capable enough to maximize Android phone performance just within a matter of minutes.

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