Sound Card

A sound Card is a PC hardware component that enables a computer program to playback and also record sound. Most sound cards can also be equipped with some sort of elementary midi synth also. Modern sound cards normally have surround –sound capability with nearly 7channels. Most modern motherboards have onboard sound, sound which can be built-in to the motherboard, many user discovers these onboard soundcards inferior and replace them with an aftermarket add-on card.

What does sound card do?

It allows the input and output of audio signals. Allowing you to hear sounds from the computer and recording yourself with the help of microphone.

To use a sound card in your system, the OS requires specific device driver that creates communication between the physical hardware and OS. Some Operating system might have built-in device drivers for man cards; some cards are delivered to customers with device drivers or download from websites.

Uses of Sound Cards

Types of sound cards

List of sound card manufactures

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