Storage Device

A computer hard ware component that is used to store data and information for the user in digitized format is called a storage device. Even if a capacitor is redesigned in a way to store some information then it is also called a storage device. If asked what storage device in a computer is and if you say only the hard disk then it’s wrong. It’s time to correct you, here are a list of computer components and how much volume of data they store in what way it is used.

Internal hard drive:

Hard drives are the secondary storage area where bulk amount of data is stored. This is the chief source of mass data that a computer uses. The hard drives are called secondary because whenever information is requested by the user or CPU. The first choice will be a ROM or RAM storage memory as they are extremely fast in processing data but poor in holding the data for a long duration.


Random Access Memory in expansion it is the first and foremost storage device for immediate response. Only the currently running process will be saved in this storage device and the data stored is volatile.


This storage device much similar to RAM storage but this one is extremely and the data stored here is permanent. Permanente in the sense it will lost until and unless the ROM is destroyed.

CPU cache:

The inventory of this storage device is a milestone in the history of computers. It changed the Microsoft CEO Bilgates words wrong. It can store data in binaries invented to provide support at the time of CPU hang ups due excess memory dump. Now it’s been used as a secondary CPU and the speed of the data processing from these kinds of storage devices is extremely unimaginable calculated as billion times of nano seconds.

Portable storage devices:

The above mentioned devices are internal storage devices of a computer. Apart from these storage devices which helps in transporting data from one place to another in as compatible as possible. These are categorized into two categories. First carder is storage devices that keep the data in inactive while moving from one place to another. The data will become active only if there is a power source connected e.g. Pendrive, Flash drives, Memory cards etc.

The second carder storage devices that carry a small portable power source and the data can be used on the road as well. Some examples of these devices are audio player, video players, iPods etc.

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