Tape Drive

Tape Drive is a data storage device which helps us to storage, manage, read and write files on a magnetic tape. The magnetic tape of the tape drive is useful for offline data storage. Tape drives can be purchased for a favorable cost and provides you long archival stability.

As a normal disk drive provides random access for storage of data, a tape drive has sequential access storage. A tape drive will physically run the tape between the reels to read the data stored in a particular file. Due to physical motion, tape drive is less efficient i.e. tape drive’s average seek time is reduced. In the process of sequential access, when the tape is positioned, it starts accessing and reading data very fast.

Types of Tape Drive

  • QIC Drive (Quarter-Inch Cartridge): The QIC drive has a storage capacity of 4 GB to save all files and it is less expensive.
  • Travan Drive: The travan drive has a storage capacity of 8 GB and it also makes use of QIC
  • DAT Drive (Digital Audio Tape): The DAT drive has a storage capacity of 10 GB to store information and it is most expensive. But DAT drive is the fastest, reliable and efficient among all tape drives.

Attributes of Tape Drive

  • Block size: Data which is written on the tape drive is stored in blocks. Therefore we need to specify the block size while reading or writing the data.
  • Data Compression: If users want the data to be compressed then we need to set the mode of tape drive to “yes”, i.e. compress==yes.
  • Read/Write Timeout: The read / write timeout attribute helps us to set the maximum number time the read or write operation to be completed.
  • Retry Delay: The retry delay attribute is used to set the time it takes to wait after a command has failed to operate before reissuing the command.

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