Target Disk Mode

Target Disk Mode is an useful feature that is offered to use with Mac computers which have Thunderbolt or FireWire ports and it enables you to use one Mac as an exterior drive on another host computer. This beneficial feature makes installation, large file transfer, troubleshooting, and critical backups very easy and fast.

This mode is compatible with just 2011 models of MacBook Pro, iMac and other Thunderbolt released by Macs Apple Corporation. You would even require the Thunderbolt cable tostart Target Disk Mode. First restart your Mac system and continuously press the "T". The screen will turn blue with a gradually blinking yellow FireWire icon. In case your Mac is portable, a crude battery monitor will also pop up if the PowerBook or iBook is running from the battery.

Note: It is advisable to perform portables off AC power when utilizing Target Disk Mode for more than a few minutes.

When in Target Disk Mode, this Mac could be connected to a different Mac via FireWire just like you would connect an external FireWire hard disk. The interior drive of the Target Disk Mac will display on the Finder sidebar / desktop of the Mac to which it is plugged into. Nevertheless, only the primary channel will permit mounting of drives and only if the 'master' drive on that channel is SATA, then the merely drive on that channel is going to be mounted.

When finished with the particular disk, you must remove it like some other mountable volume. After the Target Disk Mac is ejected, remove the FireWire cable and hold down the power button to turn it off —the very next time it reboots, it'll try to boot through the operating system on the internal drive as normal, assuming there is a valid system installed there.


In this short informative article, there are two ways to set up Target Disk Mode. By following above stated steps one can easily and properly boot their target and host Macs for particular use. Now you will be able to simplify and speed up data transfer process between your two Mac systems.

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