The Apple Menu

The Apple Menu is a versatile feature of the original Macintosh computers and last after every release of Mac OS / System Software in the upper left corner of the screen, normally on the upper leftmost item on the menu bar. It is being primarily designed to access Desk Accessories like the original Control Panel and Calculator. However, the machines using color screen the Apple menu appear to be in a rainbow Apple logo and without color appears to be as a silhouette. Moreover, it is a simple folder named as “Apple Menu Items” in the System folder that you can use it in many ways. Nevertheless, avoid renaming or moving it out of System folder.

In addition, one of the most important items in the Apple Menu is the “About” option that provides basic information about any program that is active. When the “Finder” option is active, you can see “About This Computer” or “About this Macintosh” in the OS 8.1 and earlier. This is a window were you can see how your RAM is being used and how large a block you have left to open the programs. Further, in Mac OS 8 the menu icon was made to look somewhat three dimensional with a shadow. The appearance persisted through Mac OS 9, the popular trick with the Apple menu was to add an alias of one’s hard drive and allows menu based hierarchical navigation of file system.

In fact, for the time during OS Xs initial beta phase the blue Apple was centered in the menu bar and was not a menu at all – simply a decoration. By the time OS X 10.0 was released the Apple Menu changes from OS 9 to OS X, several hazels appeared with the aim of restoring the original functionality. As a replacement for the ability to put ones hard drive in menu bar for navigation, people started putting their hard drives in the Dock. Further, in Tiger Apple changed the lost menu making it appear “flatter”, though the shade of blue is non-uniform become substantially lighter, in keeping with the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, which specify that you should consider a lighter source emanating from the upper left.

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