Trash Bin

Trash Bin is a folder that stores files which have been deleted by the user from Mac. It is a hidden folder which is placed at the root level of Mac hard drive. When a file is being deleted from Mac, it gets redirected to Trash Bin so that if you change your mind later on, you can easily restore it from Trash. Each storage device that you plug into a Mac OS gets its own Trash specific to that device. When you delete a file from the device that has been connected to the Mac machine, it doesn’t get deleted immediately. It stays there in Trash Bin until you empty it with the device plugged in.

How to Empty Trash?

There are three ways to empty trash. First one is by utilizing “Empty Trash” option. In order to use this option, follow the steps given below:

If you want easy way to empty Trash then you can use the short cut i.e. “Shift + Command + Delete” keys. If you use these keys then a window will appear which ask you if you are sure to empty the Trash. You need to select the option “Yes”. If you want to empty the Trash Bin without confirmation dialogue then you may use “Option + Shift + Command + Delete” keys

Second method to empty Trash is to utilize “Secure Empty Trash”. To use this option you may just follow the method given above but instead of “Empty Trash” you are supposed to click on “Secure Empty Trash”. However if you select this option there is no backing out it i.e. it completely erases files off your hard drive. No file recovery software will be able to get it back for you. But it is a great option for keeping your sensitive information private. If you delete something you dont want others to see, or if you are changing ownership of the computer then it is a good idea to completely wipe the hard drive, and to follow it with “Secure Empty Trash.”

The third and final method to empty Trash is emptying it automatically by keeping “Auto Trash” option ON. If you utilize this option then the Trash gets automatically emptied as the system restarts. To do this, follow the steps given below:

How to Restore Files from Trash?

If the deleted file is still present in the Trash Bin then you can easily restore it to the original location by using “Put back” option. To use this option go to Trash and right click on the file that you want to restore. Now select “Put back” from the contextual menu. Click it and the file will be restored back to the place from where it was being deleted.

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