USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive is a small portable device, acts as an external hard drive and connects to the computer system with the USB port. USB drive uses flash memory and easy to carry from one place to another to transfer data. USB flash drives vary in their capacity upto 256 GB. As USB flash drives do not contain any internal moving components, the durability is more.

USB flash drive contains a printed circuit board of small size which carries many circuit elements and a USB connector. USB drive is insulated electrically and protected inside a rubberized case, which can be carried in a pocket as it is portable.


  • USB drives use less power compared to hard drives as they are small / light and no fragile moving parts.
  • The data stored in USB drive is not affected by magnetic fields, mechanical shock, dust and scratches. Due to this feature, USB drives are easy to carry and transfer data from one place to another, keeping the data secure.
  • USB flash drives have the capacity to store data upto 256 GB and have the ability to save data more than that of DVD.
  • USB flash drives are supported by almost all personal computers, as it’s a mass storage device the modern Operating Systems are able to read and write the data without installing the device drivers.
  • USB flash drives are manufactured with the tough rubber or metal casing and protects from “indestructible”.

Storage Security:

As USB flash drives are used worldwide and with different number of devices, the security of the data stored in it becomes important. To protect the data from USB flash drive, biometrics and encryption is the process used for security of data. Sometimes, hardware module helps us for encryption of data from USB flash drive instead of software.

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