VCF Files

VCF files are also known as virtual business cards and .vcf is its file format. Files includes basic contact information such as  address, phone number, contact name, logos, URL, picture and email address. You can a send a copy of this file to anyone who wishes to keep contact with you. Users normally attach Vcf files to emails, although they may also be transmitted via other means. If you are not using any email client, however, you can utilize the built-in Windows Contacts application to access a .vcf file. In addition, VCF files are stored in a text format, which means you can preview the contents in a text editor. However, they might also add a block of binary data, which is frequently used to save a picture. The Vcf file extension also works as a saved VirtualDub settings file. VirtualDub, a video capture and video processing application, should be launched to utilize these Vcf files.

Operating System and Software Support

VCF files extension can be opened on Windows, Linux and Mac systems. Email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, accept, Mozilla Thunderbird and read vCards.

Blackberry Internet Service users also utilize vCards for exchanging individual data between phone devices. Any phone device that provides Bluetooth feature may be used to send Vcfs to other mobile devices.

List of applications can read VCF files

  • Microsoft Windows Contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Palm Desktop
  • Nokia PC Suite
  • vCardOrganizer
  • Beiley Handy Adress Book
  • Apple Address Book

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