WhatsApp is a Smartphone messenger available for Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows and iPhone devices. It uses Wi-Fi or 3G internet services to send messages with friends and family. In addition to you can send images, videos, notes and audio to other users. Multimedia sms are sent by uploading the picture, video, or audio to be delivered to an HTTP server and then delivering a link to the data along with its Base64 encoded thumbnail.

WhatsApp works on the customized version of the the available common Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). Upon setting up, it creates user accounts using user’s telephone number as the login name. WhatsApp suite automatically compares all the user’s number from the device’s address book with its database of WhatApp users to automatically add contacts to the user’s WhatApp contact list. Previously the Android OS and S40 versions used MD5-hashed, reversed-version from the phone's IMEI because private data, as the iOS version used the phone's Wi-Fi MAC address.

Features of WhatsApp

  • Can send WhatsApp conversation history to someone
  • Allows users to change the WhatsApp chat wallpaper
  • Save images you have received
  • WhatsApp conversation history can be backup
  • Allows you to create shortcut to WhatsApp conversation

Minimum requirements to install WhatsApp

For Android phones

  • Android OS 2.1 or above
  • Unlimited internet data plan suggested
  • Do not support Tablet devices

For Nokia Phones

  • Unlimited internet data plan recommended
  • Nokia S60 3rd edition, 5th edition, Symbian Anna, Symbian 3, or Symbian Belle OS

Currently running WhatsApp versions

  • iOS:  2.11.7
  • Android: 2.11.169
  • Windows Phone: 2.11.356.0
  • BlackBerry: 2.11.240
  • Symbian: 2.11.363

Additional Info: History stored on WhatsApp is not fully secure. So, if your Smartphone gets into wrong hands, then it will cause lots of problems to you. It's better to remove WhatsApp history, so if you want to know how to clear WhatsApp history? Then, click on the given link and learn a simple way to clear WhatsApp history.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure