Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot is the wireless access point which provides internet access to the devices which supports Wi-Fi connections. In simple terms, they are the spots where you can wirelessly connect to internet by making use of mobile phones, laptops and other portable devices. Wi-Fi range mainly depends on the device which is providing the Wi-Fi hotpsot. Earlier hotspots were created using some specific hardware devices for example routers, but due to the advancement of technology it is now possible to create hotspots in mobile phone and laptops.

More about Wi-Fi Hotspot:

There is no doubt that Wi-Fi hotspots provide wide range of flexibility but the major concern is the security, which has to be taken care in three ways. First is the wireless connection established between internet provider and the access point. Second is the hotspots itself, i.e. wireless connection between the hotspot and the users. Third is the connection between the client and the hot spot access point. However the connection can be secured by employing some good encryption techniques, and safest methods or with strong end to end encryption standards which are well known as HTTPs and SSH.

Wi-Fi hotspots can be usually found at airports, library, hospitals, restaurants and many more places. There are many types of hotspots, one type can be an open public hotspot which is the easiest way of implementing Wi-Fi and does not involve security or authorization to any users. Second type of Wi-Fi hotspot will mainly involve security and authorization, where only authorized user will be allowed to access the internet. Other types of Wi-Fi hotspots can be commercial hotspots, software hotspots, Hotspot 2.0 and many more. As these days many devices come up with Wi-Fi support, the devices will indicate a hotspot and you try to connect to the Wi-Fi. There may be many untrusted Wi-Fi hotspots which will try to ask you about your personal info, many a times it has noticed that users fall victims under miscreant hands.

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