Windows 10

It is an amazing experience for most of the users to work on Windows computer, due to which Microsoft is coming up with many versions of operating system and the recent release of Windows which astonished with its capacity was Windows 8.1. However it’s again time for Microsoft to showcase their new release to their well wishers. Yes, it is Windows 10 which is equipped with great features to empower people to do great things.

Windows 10 release is considered as one of the best experience for Microsoft, this is because with this Microsoft is set to deliver one program platform across breadth of different devices like tablets, smartphones, desktop, laptop and other embedded products.

What’s new in Windows 10?         

This is the frequent question which every user is concerned about. However some of the features are similar to earlier release, for example Start menu is similar but some slight change has been made; where it allows you to customize the space around for Live Tiles and favorite apps. One obvious thing which was expected the most is its well designed graphical user-interface that is likely to be extraordinary. Furthermore, every program from Windows store will start in separate window where you can resize and move around to have title bars. Task view button available on taskbar is new and quick; additionally you can have four apps snapped on the same screen for quick access. One special feature which was most awaited is multiple windows where a user can make desktops for different use and as well switch between them easily. Finding files in Windows 10 has come up with new file explorer which is fast and also shows you recent and commonly visited places. Apart from the above mentioned capabilities there are many other advanced features which are included into Windows computer.

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