Windows 8 Hybrid

Windows 8 hybrid is a mobile computing device that combines typical features of both a tablet and laptop in a single device that runs with Windows 8 operating system. It is often referred as laptop-tablet hybrids that combine the touchscreens with full-size keyboards. It is more than just a traditional laptop or desktop.

Windows 8 hybrids have a removable screen that turns in to a tablet when removed and come with keyboards that are built into the removable screen cover. That is, when the screen is removed from the Windows 8 hybrid, it can be used as Windows 8 tablet. These hybrids can even be attached to docks or feature folding or flip keyboards. The benefit of a Windows 8 hybrid is that it can be used as a touchscreen tablet or laptop.

Benefits of Windows 8 hybrid

Windows 8 hybrid provides the mobility and fun of a tablet and a keyboard to make the device functional for work purposes. In addition, Windows 8 systems have special application for business users who need to work on PowerPoint, Excel or Word files.

It offers huge processing power with its new chips from Intel and AMD promise. It is reformed to provide better battery life, zippier performance and higher screen resolutions. Also, designs of the Windows 8 hybrids have been refined to be thinner and lighter.

Examples of Windows 8 hybrid computers

Microsoft Surface Pro: It comes with Intel 4th-Generation Core Series Haswell processor, a speedy SSD, an active stylus and two covers with built-in keyboards.

Acer Iconia W4: It is incorporated with Intel’s latest Bay Trailer Processor and comes with Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition. It offers an optional Crunch Keyboard as a stand.

Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 2 Pro: It is both lighter and sharper hybrid tablet. It offers 3200 x 1800 IPS display, voice control, and a Yoga Picks function that suggests different apps according to how the hybrid laptop is being used.

ASUS Transformer Book T100: It is a quad-core Bay Trail tablet that when plugged into its keyboard dock can be used as a laptop that will last up to 11 hours.

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