XD Card

The XD card is once considered as the thick and thin hood of Olympus and Fujifilm cameras. Olympus and Fujifilm introduced it in 2002 with the aim of transferring images faster from camera to PC. Alike to other camera cards XD card uses the same NAND flash technology instead of a flash translational layer it uses a facilitated Flash file system, which provides efficient data transfer of images to and from hard drives. The types of XD cards are M, M+ and H. Though there are three different types, the speeds for read operation is 6Mbps and write operation is 4Mbps. Unluckily, none of its type provides maximum transfer rate in both read and write operation. The M+ type leads in reading images while the H type tops in writing process. The interior structure of this type of cards is copy protected and never revealed by their manufacturers. At the raw level the XD card is same as the ordinary NAND flash integrated circuit but in a complicated package.

Declining factors of XD card:

  • The maximum size of the card is only 2 GB and it does not implement any new technology integrated flash memories. These cards employ multi cell layout, which made them look bigger than its competitors like SD and CF cards
  • Some card USB readers do not support this type of cards because it is controller less
  • The transfer rate is not standard, when using the card repeatedly reduces the image transfer rate as well as the cards lifetime
  • The Fujifilm and Olympus failed to build cameras based XD picture cards and switched very soon towards SD and CF type cards, which are faster, larger and highly efficient
  • When new technologies implemented in M type cards, there appear some compatibility issues
  • Most of all it can able to provide robustness to the user. For e.g. images crashes when the XD card is pulled out abruptly


  • Supports panoramic view in Olympus cameras, which is not available in other cards at its time
  • High quality videos with 30fps are well supported. But the physical size is not upto the mark

If case you have formatted your XD card then, read here to know how to perform XD card recovery.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure