Xserve is a line of rack of computers which can be used as servers, designed by Apple Inc in 2002. The Xserve can be utilized for various applications, including web server, file server and high performance computing applications using clustering i.e. a dedicated cluster serve and the Xserve cluster node. In later days these Xserve production is stopped and is replaced with the Mac Pro Server and the Mac Mini Server.

Xserve G5 a higher capacity, perofmance, and genarlly better than earlier Xserve machines, which was introduced by Apple Inc, in 2004. This has one or two PowerPC 970 processors running at 2GHz. But because of ventilation problems it can only have as many as 3 SATA disks, with the original space for the fourth drive converted to air vents.

In January of 2005, Apple speed bumped the Xserve, using 2.3 Ghz dual processors. 1.2 TB of storage was possible with the availability of 400GB drives. PCI-X expansion and dual Gigabit Ethernet were standard. Powered by the 64-bit PowerPC G5 processor the Xserve G5 is much faster than its predecessor and more suited for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

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