Recover Hard Disk Data

  • Fast and efficient recovery of data from Mac and Windows hard disk
  • Restore data from accidentally formatted or repartitioned hard disk drives
  • Complete hard disk data recovery even if the hard disk has crashed
  • Recover data from disk drives that refuses to boot due to file system errors
  • Supports both Mac OS X as well as Windows Operating system

Remo Recover - Hard disk data recovery software

If you are unlucky, hard disk drives after working for a few months to a few years may crash. If not you might during a certain period of time atleast experience loss of data due to either Master Boot Record (MBR) corruption or due to unplanned formatting. These situations are unavoidable and only regular backups can help. But if have lost data and don't have backups then you can still recover data using Remo Recover. Whatever might be the case, if your hard disk is detected by your computer then data recovery is possible. Remo Recover has been designed to recover data from various data loss scenerios. Just download this user friendly software and keep selecting the options like in a questionnaire, internally the software will scan your drive using various options which leads you to recover your lost data.


  • Recover data from SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD etc., hard drives
  • Recover hard disk when it has crashed or does not boot
  • Recover data from formatted hard disk, even after re-installing Windows
  • Recover hard disc data lost due to partitioning errors
  • You can even add / edit new signatures for files that are not listed
  • You can preview recovered files prior to hard disk restoration
  • Recovered files / folders can be compressed in a zip archive to save disk space
  • You can resume the recovery / saving process any time using "Save Recovery Session" feature, this ensures that you need not to rescan your drive to locate lost data

Most common reasons for data loss on hard disk

  • Corrupt hard disk due to system errors or bad sectors
  • Unable to boot from the hard drive due to disk boot failure or MBR corruption
  • Crashed / damaged hard disk due to power surge or improper shut down
  • Data lost due to virus attack

How to Recover Hard Disk Data?

Hard Disk Recovery Software from Remo is capable of recovering lost and deleted data from corrupt, formatted or crashed hard disk. Please follow the simple steps provided below to recover the lost data from hard disk.

Process: Steps to recover data from formatted hard disk

Process: Steps to recover data from repartitioned hard disk

If you want to recover data after reformat in Mac OS X use Remo Recover (Mac)

Note: Avoid downloading and installing any software in the affected hard disk as it may overwrite the lost data resulting in permanent data loss. Instead, you can install the software in another healthy computer, connect the affected hard disk as a slave to that computer and recover the lost data easily.

Related Information

Disk Recovery
In case if your disk is not booting due to any logical reasons, which may include corruption of the file system, corruption in critical file system attributes or any sort of corruption that has caused partition deletion, your important data can be recovered. Follow the steps mentioned in the page and use Remo Recover software to recover data from all popular brands of storage hard disks.

Undelete Files from Hard Drive
When you normally delete files off your hard drive they temporarily reside in the recycle bin, they however bypass recycle bin if you use Shift + Del command or if the deleted files are larger than what the recycle bin can hold then they may also bypass the recycle bin. If you have deleted files and would like to get them back the process is popularly known as undeletion. Remo Recover Basic Edition is a very popular software that can undelete files from hard drive or any other storage device.

Recover Lost Photos after System Restore
When you perform system restore either you take it back to its factory settings using the restore CD or DVD that came along with your laptop or you may go back to a backup restore point which you had set earlier. In the first scenerio i.e. using system restore DVD you will loose all your data on that drive. If you have used restore point then the data between the last restore point and current date would be lost. You can recover files and photos even after these situations. Refer to this page and understand this tutorial on how to recover lost photos after system restore.

Deleted Partition Recovery
Partitions are a part of every hard drive. These partitions are sections on which data is stored. Just like to way you a delete a file, the partitions can also be deleted using partition management tools. When a partition is deleted the data present on that partition is lost. If you delete a partition by mistake and would like to recover data which was present on it earlier, then read this article to understand basics of deleted partition recovery.

Mac Partition Recovery
Partitions on Mac systems are called as volumes. If the volume on your Mac is deleted or lost due to partitioning errors or formatting then the data present on that volume is lost. If you would like to recover volumes which are lost then you can use Remo Recover Mac software.

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