Recover Data from Hard Drive Image

  • Create image of a hard drive having bad sectors and recover data
  • Recover data from any RAW image file like extension .img and .bin
  • Create disk images of hard drives, external USB drives, memory cards
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Recover data from Hard Disk Image

Having BAD sectors, BAD blocks on your hard drive? Would like to recover lost data, when your Windows PC is stalling quite often making your recovery process sluggish or impossible? Remo Recover is thoughtfully developed with advanced features to create disk image file (clone of your hard drive in a file) of your hard drive having bad sectors. Later, you can select those disk image files and can process them to recover hard drive data. Advanced in-built algorithm of this software helps to clone sector by sector of your hard drive to create a disk image file.

Scenarios where Disk Imaging Software is useful

Hard drive having bad sectors: If there are bad sectors on your hard drive, it will be very difficult to access any stored data from the hard drive.  In such cases you can create a disk image file of your hard drive to another healthy hard drive, later you can access your data using these disk image files.

Reinstalling Operating system: You may format your drive and re-install a new operating system and you might forget to backup all your important data from the drive before formatting. But you can still recover data from previously created disk image file.

Data recovery using disk image: When you are performing data recovery from your hard drive which is having bad sectors, during recover process the recovery software will not be able to access the deleted and lost data due to bad sectors. In such cases you can create a disk image file of your hard drive, later you can recover data from this image file easily.

Note: Remove the hard drive from your computer and connect it to another healthy computer, to which Remo Recover (Windows) has been installed.  You can use this computer to create disk image file and to recover data from the disk image file that has been created.

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