Hard Disk Defragmentation Software

When you regularly save or delete files on your hard disk, all the data gets fragmented i.e. it gets segregated & stored in chunks. Suppose you are saving a file that is of around 1GB, but in your system’s memory there is no continuous 1GB space, so the operating system breaks that file & saves it in different locations (i.e. sectors). Whenever you access that file, hard drive head searches & collects the information regarding that file & present it to you. This process takes too much time & degrades your system’s performance, making all the applications and files to load slow. So, it is recommended that you regularly defragment your system. Defragmented files are easier to read & even recover after a crash or corruption situations, as compared to fragmented files, which are more prone to corruption.

Remo Drive Defrag:

Remo Drive Defrag is an ideal software to defragment your hard disk drive. It locates all parts of the fragmented files & allots them a continuous memory location, thereby making your system run more efficiently. You need not remember to defragment your system as the software can be scheduled to do so. Although you can also operate it manually whenever you want.

The software can boost your system’s speed & performance up to 100%. The system will boot faster and applications will load quicker. It helps in reducing the workload of the read / write head of the hard drive & increase its age. It also increases the chances of recovering a deleted file under data loss situation.

Why Remo Drive Defrag?

Remo Drive Defrag comes with two defragmentation options – “Quick Defragmentation Mode” & “Deep Defragmentation Mode”. Through the first option, this tool enables you to defrag user selected file types, rather than the whole drive data. The user can select those files which are used regularly & more likely to become fragmented. The second option is best suited, if have not defragmented your system for a long period of time. It deeply scans the entire drive to rearrange the data & is a time consuming process

How to perform HDD Defragment?

Download & install the Remo Drive Defrag & run the software. Select the drive & click on “Analyze” button. A report is generated after the analysis process is completed. Hit the “Next” button. Now the tool will display two options “Quick Defragmentation Mode” & “Deep Defragmentation Mode”. Choose one of them according to your need. The tool will start the defrag process. After that click “Next” to start post defragmentation analysis. Click “Next” to view the status report after the analysis is completed.

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