Here are the simple Settings for the application that can be done in minutes

Windows Settings

Step 1: Open the application and go to Remo Backup Settings


Step 2: In the Backup section, you will get options namely Selection, Schedule and Restrictions

For Taking Backup

Step 1: Select the required files and folders that you wish to take backup


Step 2: You can also perform Custom Selection for selecting any particular files

Restrictions: For using your free account you have certain limitations. There is a provision of setting file size limit.

Talking about General Feature and it includes the following

Step1: Account Details option, where you can easily modify your accounts details

Step 2: If you want to upgrade your exiting software details then you can check out this software update feature

With Advanced Feature

Here you will get 2 options i.e. Volume Shallow Copy and Versioning

Step1: By assisting Volume Shallow copy, you can take backup of files that are locked or in use

Step2: Suppose you have limited bandwidth, then you can upload the selected parts of files that has been modified or changed

Step3: The feature of Versioning provides access to the same file with multiple versions